The changing world spectacle in the wake of Covid-19 has prompted a paradigm shift in the services offered by the luxury concierge services.

The social distancing protocols referred by the authorities do not amicably resonate with the exclusive quality experience that is the face of such hospitality tradition. Neom Delivery has recognized the vacuum that has been instilled by the pandemic within the fabric of exemplary bond shared between hospitality services and the respective clientele..

With the hotel fraternity lacking the adequate structure to respond to the changing circumstances, the time is to improvise and adapt to such radical changes while reinvigorating the relationship with the treasured customers

Neom Delivery has collaborated with Emporium-Collection to provide an effective answer to the dilemma of keeping the music on for the hotel industry and its big client base. The prospect of relishing the uniqueness of celebrated cuisines from around the world within the royalty of your dining halls has become a reality.

The changing circumstances may have put a lid on any possibility of cherishing your favorite cuisine in your dream setting, however; Neom Delivery presents its exclusive delivery service ensuring that the restrictions of the COVID scene do not jeopardize enjoying the supreme delicacies. The partnership of Neom Delivery with Emporium sublimely couples the crème de la crème of hospitality destinations from around the globe with the convenience of the delivery service. The grand repertoire of Michelin star restaurants and dining bars presents a unique brand of the best that the hospitality services have on offer. The service further provides an opportunity for its treasured clientele to recollect the sentiments and nostalgia of enjoying their favorite cuisine from the past holidays with a renewed purpose of travelling, once the dust settles and the vigorous travelling scene recommences.

The delivery service app has been designed keeping in perspective the requisites for the restaurants and the clientele.


It introduces the vital element of convenience for both the parties by providing a comprehensive medium for traction of business revenue and orders. The essentials of the delivery facility have been tailored to keep any form of difficulty or unfamiliarity at bay, promising a straightforward approach from the registration process to the dispatching of the order

Moreover, catering to an exquisite taste reflected from the exclusive hotel options from our partner Emporium would call for ease of accessibility, which Neom has incorporated in its services by making it available on both the App Store and Play Store platforms.

The distinguishable facet of the service not only lies in its comprehensive nature and simplicity but also in the prime focus on health safety.

The standard operating procedures would be religiously incorporated in the service, with protective gear and distance observed in the process. The staff involved would prioritize hygiene and safety as critically as client satisfaction, and would make sanitizing an integral part of the service to ensure that it remains compatible with the protocols established by the authorities

Moreover, optimum consideration would be exported to quality order transport, ensuring that the prodigious expectations conjured with our service are evidently met.

Neom Delivery is a solution for the hospitality industry to streamline its business objectives and customer relationship in accordance with the current protocol of social distancing. Our commitment resonates with that of our partner Emporium, directed at providing our valued clientele with best in every circumstance, permeated with the ability to order and relish your divine cuisine within the sophistication of your home.