Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the human fear factor of physically visiting a restaurant has increased immensely, and hence, many guests have started avoiding the activity, which has resulted in several restaurant businesses being affected globally. However, Neom Delivery has come up with an effective solution to the problem; with just a few clicks you can have your business thriving once again. Our main goal is to assist restaurant owners by designing a mobile application for food delivery services that is easy to administer and helps you increase revenue.

A big advantage of your Restaurant App is that it is very easy to use and set up. All you need to do is sign up, enter your restaurant name and begin the process of building your Restaurant App. The App instantly allows access to backend restaurant relevent information where you can create menu details as well as extras relating to collection and delivery services. In addition to that, our team takes full responsibility for setting up your resstaurant for you, and in a matter of days, your restaurant can begin taking app orders and guests can collect of have delivered . You decide if you offer delivery or collection only.  Table reservations can be done in the App.

Once the initial setup process is completed and your app is approved from the AppStore/PlayStore, you are prepared to generate revenues and increase sales significantly. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to communicate with your guests via push notifications and consistently notify them of special offers, and make sure you daily menu specials get delivered directly to your guests phones.

Your Intuitive Restaurant Management System, complete with billing dashboard shows your sales and table reservations. Your guests can download your app and collect or have the meals delivered to their address of choice. Your delivery app shows you where your drivers are at all times. Payments are made online via PayPal or credit card. We connect to your Printer via IP, and orders get printed once the guest pays, so you never miss an order. There are no monies exchanged, and guests can have delivered or collect, depending on your business model. Enjoy all the flexibility and set up your app to drive additional revenue.


Along with its efficient management system, the app is also cost-effective. You are to pay a one-time setup fee, in which our team will set up all accounts required for you. After that, you pay monthly for all services included. (Your IOS and  Google Playstore accounts are not included) View our packages

Essentially, you’ll need a PayPal/Stripe/Razorpay account to take online payments, which you’ll be guided on how to set up. Furthermore, you’ll also need an account on AppStore or Playstore  so your guests can download and use the app.

Neom-Delivery is an effective platform that helps restaurant owners increase sales and produce an additional revenue channel by providing them with a personalized web-application to manage their business effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure your sales revenue is not hindered even during a global pandemic.

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